Out Is The New In - Show Your Nipples as You Grow Them

Nipple Decoration For Men and Women

Patent-pending Nipz are a one-of-a-kind decorative nipplewear that depict ever-protruding nipples with a secret suction feature that excites and enlarges the wearers existing nipples. 

HEAD LIGHTS ON - for sexy nipples

Nipz come in four styles with an exciting variety of color categoreis to choose from. They are certifiably skin-safe,  durable, reusable and self-adhesive. Nipz can be worn with or without clothing and can even stay put underwater. 

Choose your nipple protrusion & suction

Ever-perky Chilly Nipz have a petite, quarter sized areola protruding about ½ inch. Their suction cavity measures approximately ¾ inch deep and ¼ inch in diameter. Chilly Nipz have a transparent, 3 inch diameter outer base that blends in with your own skin color.

High beams on Cold Nipz have a round , half-dollar sized areola that protrudes ¾ inch from the breast line. Their suction cavity measures approximately 1/2"deep with a ¼" diameter. Cold Nipz have a transparent, 3" diameter outer base that blends in with your own skin color.

Say Hello to my little friends!!! Freezing Nipz are, well, they are out there. With vanilla wafer size areolas and about a full 1" protrusion, these Nipz really stand out. Their transparent 3" diameter outer base blends in with your own skin color. 

Spring has sprung! Puffy Nipz have smooth swollen areolas that are raised from the base with a perky little knob of a nipple perched on top. Puffy Nipz  protrude approximately  1" from the breast line and the areolas measure approximately 1½ inch in diameter. Their suction cavity draws in about ½" in depth. 

It's A Nipple Revolution!

Join the fight against unfair discrimination of the female nipple.

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