Numb Nipz - Not Fun

Breast augmentation surgery can lead to loss of nipple sensation or hyper-sensitivity. Sadly the nerve that conducts sensation to the nipple is typically very difficult to discerne and more often than not, surgeons inadvertently damage or destroy it. 

The risk of permanent nipple numbness is about 15% nationally and if any sensation does come back it may take up to 2 years to return. 

Wearing Nipz by Nipzout can help facilitate a sooner and more complete return of sensation by providing suction to the nipples that enlarges them and helps to increase blood-flow which can support regrowth of neural pathways to regain sensations. 

Nipz by Nipzout are designed to stimulate the nipple into a protruded state by gently suctioning it into the under-cavity.  After prolonged wear, nipples will emerge with greater sensitivity due to their more engorged state and nerve endings will be more reactive to touch. 

Nipz can also help with the opposite problem, of increased nipple sensitivity after surgery.  Wearing Nipz will shield the nipples from tactile irritants.