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Introducing Itty Bitty Nipz - our most realistic nipple covers! 

With a small ever-protruding nub,  Itty Bitty Nipz can be mistaken for the real deal. They will not show through a padded bra but will give just the right amount of protrusion through thin material. 


Itty Bitty Nipz can be customized to conceal underlying nipples with added pigmentation to the outer area. It will require you to provide a photo of your skin color in order for us to match a color. The areolas can come in any of our exciting color categories.


and you can request a special SKIN colored outer area to cover larger existing nipples. 

If you are looking for a nipple cover/decoration that has the appearance of natural nipples, Itty Bitty Nipz are for you. As our smallest Nipz, Itty Bitty's have about a 1 inch diameter areola and a 10 millimeter protruding nub. 


Cute doesn't even describe these little gems as they are absolutely adorable.


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