How are Nipz properly applied? 

First make sure your breast are hairless, clean and free of any lotions, oils or perfumes. Using both hands, hold the Nipz with the suction feature facing you. Place both index fingers on the protruding nipple while your thumbs hold it firmly. Depress the nipple until the suction cavity is extended. With the suction cavity extended, place it firmly on your nipple and release the hold. Press firmly all around the edges of the Nipz to secure the outer base to your clean dry skin. To watch a how-to video please click here

Can Nipz Stickiness be restored? 

The stickiness of Nipz can be restored if they are maintained properly. The packaging is a good way to store them but sometimes, they can pick up dust, fuzz, fur or debris. You can fully submerge your Nipz in warm soapy water and gently rub away most of the debris. Once they are clean, then MUST BE AIR DRIED to regain stickiness.  To watch a how-to video please click here.